Dividing up a large expanse of glass with simple leadwork is a great way to add
a classical elegance to any home or building.

Common patterns we use are rectangles, diamonds, pickets and combinations
of these. They can be built with plain clear, beveled, laminated or any other kind
of glass. Laminated glass, in addition to being very durable, filters out 99% of
harmful UV rays helping to protect artwork and furniture.

For a vintage look we often use clear restoration glass. This is a beautiful
handblown glass reminiscent of a bygone era when all glass had that slightly
wavy quality.

The lead lines can range from 1/8th to ¾ of an inch depending on the look you’
re after. Reinforced lead may be used where extra strength is needed and the
units may be triple glazed offering great thermal protection and ease of
These panels are made up of 6" X 9" bevel diamonds with 1/4" lead came.  
The color you see in the window was from a christmas tree in the livingroom.
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