A beveled and stained glass studio
At Ambient Art Glass we have been
working in the stained glass medium for
over 25 years. With our expertise in the
areas of design, construction and
installation we are transforming ordinary
windows into beautiful, functional pieces
of art for clients worldwide.

Each project is custom-designed and
executed with the utmost precision and
attention to detail to produce a durable,
long lasting masterpiece.  Whether for
the home, business or place of worship,
our goal is to bring new dimensions to
that unique environment.

We have the capacity to design and
build for anyone, anywhere. Thanks to
digital technology we are able to
instantly provide clients with design
ideas, final drawings and progression of
work.  Glass samples can be mailed
upon request. We have the capacity to
ship any project, large or small, and
carry a 100% intact delivery record to
date.  All work is insured for the full
contract amount.

Our clients include architects, custom
door and window companies, designers,
contractors and home owners.  Whether
you have an abstract concept, a design
idea that needs further development or
are not quite sure what you would like to
create, allow our 25+ years of
experience to assist you in creating a
perfect piece of artwork for your space.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss
your project.  We are available to offer
ideas and technical information and to
provide you with design concepts and a
personalized price quote.
We invite you to browse our       
This compilation of sample
pieces created over the past
two decades showcases a wide
variety of styles and techniques.
We hope these images inspire
you and expand your
awareness of the many
possibilities in the world of art
2005 (C) Copyright
All rights reserved